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Forming technology meets data science and automation

February 15, 2023

Launch of the DFG Priority Program (SPP 2422), coordinated by the Institute for Metal Forming Technology at the University of Stuttgart
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In spring 2022, the German Research Association (DFG) took the decision to establish the priority program "Data-Driven Process Modelling in Forming technology" (SPP 2422). Following a call for tenders for the initial funding period, the initiative can now get underway with an expected 12 subprojects and total funding of 8.5 million euros. Coordinated by Prof. Mathias Liewald from the Institute of Metal Forming Technology, the consortium involves more than 10 technical universities from Germany in this priority program. In his subproject, Liewald collaborates with Prof. Michael Weyrich from the Institute of Industrial Automation Engineering.

Facilities and systems for sheet and solid metal forming must be efficient and conserve resources if they are to meet the future demands in Germany in terms of both sustainability and competitiveness. A further challenge in the field of forming technology is the current shortage of skilled workers: The experience required to ensure the reliable design of components and forming systems, that in turn ensure economical and efficient production processes is often lacking, and this is likely to remain an issue in the future. The initiative aims to counteract this trend and enable the most precise and efficient production possible of components manufactured using forming technology by utilizing accumulated experience and simulation data. It aims to combine new methods from the field of data science with existing simulation techniques and explicit expertise in the field of forming technology, to visibly improve data-driven modeling of the contact surface of forming tools and of the component being manufactured, in comparison to current methods.

The projects focus on various processes in pressing technology and sheet and solid metal forming and will also include new approaches to production-related data acquisition and processing. The projects focus on explaining technological correlations and improving the predictive accuracy of data-driven modeling.


Prof. Mathias Liewald, Institute of Metal Forming Technology, Tel. +49 711 685 83840, E-Mail 

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