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Excellent support for new students

May 5, 2021, Nr. 36

The CHE University Ranking shows excellent results for the subjects Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Biology at the University of Stuttgart.

Once again, the current CHE rankings have shown that new students receive excellent support at the University of Stuttgart. The rankings were published on May 4, 2021 in the ZEIT guide to student life for the academic year 2021/22, and online on the ZEIT CAMPUS website. In the category "support for new students", the published rankings place the university in the top group, with 12 or more from a possible 14 points in all assessed subjects. Furthermore, students studying Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics rated the study program organization as "very good".

The Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing Education at the University of Stuttgart, Prof. Hansgeorg Binz, says, "We are delighted that praise for our excellent support of new students has almost become tradition in the CHE rankings. This honors the huge effort made at the University of Stuttgart to ensure that support and activities for new students have consistently improved and expanded over the last few years. For example, with preparatory and supporting courses organized by the MINT-Kolleg Baden-Württemberg. At the same time, this praise is also an incentive for us to continue to improve our services and the information we provide to prospective students about studying at the University of Stuttgart. For example, during the digital Bachelor's application week, which will be taking place from June 28 to July 2, 2021."

The detailed results of the CHE University Rankings show that chemistry students are very satisfied with how subject-specific scientific and methodical skills are taught. Mathematics students praised the range of courses offered, among other things, while physics students were particularly impressed with practical laboratory courses. Computer science is particularly strong in terms of its research and received a top ranking for publications and research funds per scientist, as well as for the number of doctorates per professor. The Geosciences have an above-average number of citations per publication.

The CHE University Ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed comparison of universities in German-speaking countries, surveying approximately 120,000 students and examining more than 300 universities, colleges and universities of cooperative education. The subjects assessed this year were: Biochemistry, Biology/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Geosciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Nursing Science, Pharmaceutics, Physics, Political Science, Sport/Sport Science and Dentistry. The results were published in the ZEIT guide to student life 2021/22 and online on the ZEIT CAMPUS website. 




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