Climate-neutral heat supply for the city of Reutlingen

March 3, 2021

The Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use (IER) at the University of Stuttgart is accompanying the city of Reutlingen towards climate neutrality. As a cooperation partner in the Klima-RT-LAB, the staff of the IER show ways of designing climate-neutral heat supply.

Climate neutrality is not only a goal of the University of Stuttgart. The city of Reutlingen is also aiming for sustainable transformation. The focus is on the fields of energy supply, buildings and businesses, mobility, and organization and action. With the help of the "Klima-RT-LAB" real laboratory, Reutlingen wants to become a climate-neutral city. In addition to the IER of the University of Stuttgart, the project partners include the "Energiezentrum für Dezentrale Energiesysteme und Energieeffezienz" of Reutlingen University, which is responsible for the overall project management, and other cooperation partners.

Climate protection funding project of the state

The living lab Klima-RT-LAB is one of five climate protection innovations that recently received funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg. The university's own living lab "CampUS hoch i [de]", which is also led by the IER, is also one of the state's funded projects. All labs aim to use scientific findings to understand change processes, develop innovations and thus achieve climate neutrality.

Climate neutrality and participation

On the one hand, IER's special focus in the climate RT-LAB is its expertise in energy and environmental issues, especially at the interface of energy technology, energy industry, environment and society. On the other hand, it also contributes a high degree of participatory approach, which is typical for living labs. "The harmony between users, energy savings and energy production is the focus of the consulting services for municipal properties and owner-operated businesses," says IER project manager Dr. Markus Blesl. Together with the city of Reutlingen, the GWG-Wohngesellschaft Reutlingen, the Reutlinger AltenHilfe and the Stadtwerke Reutlingen, the IER will contribute to the development and design of climate-neutral heat supply.

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