ChatGPT discussion forum launched

April 13, 2023

The University of Stuttgart has launched a forum on AI tools such as ChatGPT in ILIAS for its employees and students. The purpose of this forum is to share experiences and discuss how such tools might be used in teaching and research. Events about ChatGPT can be submitted to University Communications for posting on the university's central website.

Forum for joint discourse

ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot, continues to be a hot topic, and it is important to encourage and enable this discussion at the University of Stuttgart. An ILIAS forum has been set up for this purpose, which all employees and students can access. If you want to write or read a discussion post about ChatGPT or other AI tools there, you just need a university user ID, i.e. an ac-, st- or gs-account. Everyone is welcome to describe their own experiences of using such tools, or to discuss possible applications in teaching or research.

The ILIAS forum is intended to serve students and employees at the University of Stuttgart, to encourage engagement with ChatGPT, and to develop and discuss ideas for its use in research, teaching and examinations. Subject-specific, bottom-up regulations and experiences, as well as the discourse within the university will be incorporated into a handout.

To the ILIAS forum

Submit your events

If you are planning an event about ChatGPT in your department or at your institute, we would appreciate it if you would submit this information using the University Communications form. We can then bundle this information on the university's ChatGPT websites.

The date for the first event in the previously announced event series on the importance of chatbots in science has now been confirmed: Under the title "Learning coach or ghostwriter? Academic Work in the Age of AI Chatbots," an internal uni event with a lecture and panel discussion will be held on Monday, June 12, 2023.

Submit an event

The University of Stuttgart invites students and employees to attend a discourse about the importance of chatbots in science. All background information, events, and news are summarized on our website ChatGPT at the University of Stuttgart.  

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