Minister Bauer first visited the registration center on Campus Stadtmitte, where she verified her 3G status.

October 18, 2021

A visit from Minister Bauer as lectures begin: "Entering a new normality"

Minister of Science Theresia Bauer visited the University of Universität Stuttgart – representative of all universities in the state - as lectures begin at the start of the winter semester on October 18, 2021. After three semesters of online teaching, this semester will be taking place primarily onsite.

Minister of Science Theresia Bauer was impressed by the organizational preparations and the major effort that has been put into making the winter semester a safe semester for all, and primarily onsite. She said: "It's high time that life comes back to campus after three online semesters! It might not yet be a return to normality, but it is a return to communal university life, with meetings and exchanges, getting to know new people - all the things that define university life."

The Rector at the University of Stuttgart, Prof. Wolfram Ressel, and Chancellor Jan Gerken thanked the minister for her visit. Their words of thanks also went to all the students - represented by the stuvus Student Council - for their intensive and successful cooperation, which has made it possible for student life to return to the Stadtmitte and Vaihingen campuses.

Wolfram Ressel spoke to representatives of the press, emphasizing: "Our university is doing everything in its power to ensure that we can offer as many onsite courses as possible. We are confident that we can achieve a quota of around 70 percent attendance during the course of the semester, thus exceeding our '50 plus' target. Our top priority at all times remains the health of all university employees."

Chancellor Jan Gerken introduced the new registration center for 3G verification, and the cactUS readers for checking in and out of lecture halls and for contact tracing. He referred to the major organizational challenges facing the central university administration since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

In conclusion, Minister Bauer promised her continued support on the path to a "new normal."

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