17 apprentices begin their apprenticeships at the University of Stuttgart

September 4, 2023

On September 1, 2023, 17 apprentices began their apprenticeships at the University of Stuttgart. They were warmly welcomed by Harald Hornyak, Head of Division 7 on behalf of university management.

Over the next three to four years, the new apprentices will learn in an academic environment, in the university's laboratories and workshops, as well as in the library and university offices. The university offers apprenticeships for biology lab technicians, chemical lab technicians, electronics engineers for devices and systems, media and information services specialists, IT specialists for application development, industrial mechanics, office assistants and even carpenters.

Die neuen Azubis mit Ausbildungsleiter Peter Salzmann
Die neuen Azubis mit Ausbildungsleiter Peter Salzmann

Why choose an apprenticeship at a university?

When asked why he wanted to do an apprenticeship at the university, Julian Frank, who began his apprenticeship as a carpenter in the Division 6 carpentry workshop, replied, "University apprenticeships focus on teaching the subject matter. A university is not a profit-making enterprise. In addition, the university is an exciting environment, because you gain some insight into research."

A total of 190 prospective apprentices applied at the university. 17 were successful and can now begin their apprenticeships.


Peter Salzmann, Supervisor of Training,  +49 711 685-60143, E-Mail

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