14 new apprentices begin their training at the University of Stuttgart

Harald Hornyak, Department Head at Division 7, welcomes five women and nine men.

In the academic environment of the university, 14 new apprentices will be completing their vocational training over the next three to four years in the laboratories and workshops as well as in administration. Nine industrial mechanics, one materials tester, one joiner, one computer science expert, and two office management assistants began the next stage in their carriers on 2 September.

The new apprentices at the University of Stuttgart.
Stefanie Weber

Why choose a university as a training workplace?

Stefanie Weber is doing an apprenticeship in the Central Administration to become an office management assistant: “Because there are many opportunities for the future and you can continue to develop your skills. It’s an exciting and varied work environment and there are always opportunities for further training. My father already works at the University of Stuttgart and through him I learned that you can do an apprenticeship at the university.”

Florian Bohn

Florian Bohn is a future materials tester: “I chose the university as my training workplace because it not only offers a scientific environment, but also allows me to stay in the same department that I already got to know during my studies.”

In total, 198 prospective apprentices applied to the University of Stuttgart this year. As a rule, the majority of applications are made for the profession of industrial mechanic.

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