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General information to accessibility

Address: Pfaffenwaldring 53 , 70569 Stuttgart

Lecture halls: V 53.01

The building is partially accessible.

The 2-story building houses the Audimax and the physics preparation.

Detail information on building areas


The nearest public transport stop is the S-Bahn stop "Universität"(lines S1, S2, S3). Only the exit "Universitätszentrum" has an elevator and is accessible. The bus stops "Universität" (lines 82, 84, 91, 92, 746. 747. 748, N1) and "Universität" (loop / lines 82, 84. 746. X60), have a barrier-free access path. The doors of the two main entrances are not automated. If no one is there to open the door, please use the bell at the side entrance on the south side (usually members of the physics preparation staff or the multimedia team are present). When using the main entrance (with assistance), please ring the bell in order to access the lecture hall via the physics preparation, on the left side of the foyer on the ground floor. Anyone who needs access on a regular basis (e.g. for a semester) can apply for a key via the commissioner for students with disabilities.

The main entrance is located in the middle of the north side of the building and is canopied. However, the support columns make orientation difficult.

Due to the shape of the vestibule, the entrance stands out from the rest of the building. However, the colors do not contrast with the facade behind. The stairs in the foyer have no step markings.

There are accessible parking spaces of the university at 55 Pfaffenwaldring and at 38 Universitätsstrasse, where there are also two additional public parking spaces.

The elevator has limited accessibility, but is located in the premises of the physics preparation and can only be operated with the help of the staff there. The elevator will only be needed if a wheelchair user cannot sit at the bottom of the lecture hall but needs a space halfway up.

Wheelchair users who need access for a longer period of time (e.g. for a semester), can apply for a key to the door of the wheelchair-accessible side entrance via the commissioner for students with disabilities.

There is an accessible restroom on the ground floor (Eurokey locking system).

Contact in case of emergency: from 4 p.m.: Security guard Vaihingen
Emergency number: 0711 685-64444


Building map

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Lecture halls

V 53.01

Further Names
Spaces for wheelchair
In the first row of benches there are 2 wheelchair spaces with tables, and there is another wheelchair space halfway up.
Technology for people with hearing impairment
There is an induction loop in the front part of the lecture hall, in rows A-G left and right (please note the markings on the benches).
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