Biomedical Systems

Health research using the natural, engineering, simulation, and quantum sciences

Health, demographic change, and well-being: many of the most pressing social and scientific challenges are in the medical field. The university will position itself more strongly in the life and health sciences by developing further the Emerging Field “Biomedical Systems”. This is done by closely and purposefully integrating the natural, engineering, simulation, and quantum sciences. Technical biology, systems biology, sensor technology as well as data collection and analysis are playing a key role in this. The Stuttgart researchers are working in cooperation with the life and medical sciences of the neighboring universities, especially with the University Hospital in Tübingen and the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart.

The research findings will help prevent or alleviate human suffering in many ways: for example, using high-precision diagnostics and personalized therapies for cancer as well as novel antibiotics and innovative rehabilitation systems such as exoskeletons or neuroprostheses.

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