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Discovering and nurturing staff potential

Personnel development

Every year, we offer our staff members a broad selection of continuing education courses. On request, we will also develop specialized training events and workshops.

We offer different formats for continuing education at the University. It could be a seminar chosen from the internal continuing education program, specialized training within your own department, or a personalized continuing education course.


Ensuring that new staff members get a good start at their new jobs is a matter of priority for us. That is why we have a year-long Onboarding Program in which all new employee get all the information needed for a smooth launch in their new positions.

Once a semester, we stage a welcome day for all employees new to our University. “New at the Uni” provides  information such as  important contacts and services while also providing plenty of opportunities for exchanges and getting to know people.

To mark your start as a newly appointed professor at the University of Stuttgart, we will host you at a welcome dinner for all new appointees. It is a convivial way to get to know your new colleagues and University management. This is then followed by a regularly-scheduled series of lunches designed to let you continue building your peer network.

Employees can put together personalized skill-building programs from a catalog of approximately 40 continuing education courses offered every semester.  

The broad program spectrum comprises the following categories:

  • Practical workday skills
  • Health information and classes
  • Social and communication skills
  • Courses on the topic of audit family-friendly university
  • Learning about retirement planning
  • Building IT-skills
  • English classes

Team building, coaching, presenting, and mediation are some of the key instrumentalities of personnel development. Suitable formats help employees grow into their roles and foster cooperation among team members. When conflicts arise, mediation and coaching support is available (Multifamily Therapy Counseling [de]).

Our resources include experienced outside coaches and counselors.

Departments and institutes have different requirements and preferences for continuing education offerings. We design custom courses or organize outside training tailored to specific audiences on request.

Our approach in brief:

  • Understand the objective of the department or institute
  • Work out a concept
  • Propose tentative approaches
  • Design the event format
  • Organize the event

Our resources include the following cooperation partners:

  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Management College
  • VWA – Management and Business College
  • CHE – Center for Higher Education
  • ZWM – Center for Science & Research Management
  • dhv – German Association of University Professors and Lecturers
  • IHK – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stuttgart Region