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Health management

We provide support services for health promotion, counseling for addiction problems, rehabilitation management, and conflict resolution.

If it says “unigesund,” it means Health Management is at work!

Since 2010, the University of Stuttgart has fielded its own Health Management operation. Its mission is to help minimize health-impairing stress and to support all staff members in maintaining and bettering their health.

Preventive services such as health classes or exercise, nutrition, and stress management campaigns offer personalized health promotion. A variety of counseling services on topics dealing with addiction treatment, workplace rehabilitation or conflict management are available to both employees and managers for coping with new or demanding situations and challenges.

“Get involved“ is an essential watchword for success in sustained health promotion. It invites and challenges all University employees to help foster a healthful working and living environment in the University.



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Pauline Vogel

Health Management

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Johanna Lönhoff

Health Management