Special honor "Healthy University" for corporate health management

December 14, 2023, Nr. 60

Corporate Health Award 2023: Fourth award for the University of Stuttgart

After receiving the award in 2015, 2018 and 2020; the University of Stuttgart has now received the Corporate Health Award for the fourth time. It was awarded the special "Healthy University" honor as an outstanding example of comprehensive, active health management at universities in Germany. The results of an extensive evaluation, auditing and expert advisory board consultation process once again demonstrated the university’s pioneering role in occupational health management.

Proud to receive the fourth Corporate Health Award for the University of Stuttgart: Pauline Vogel, Head of Corporate Health Management (BGM), Chancellor Anna Steiger and Marion Specht, BGM (from left).

"Being a 'healthy university' with a wide range of offers to promote the health of our employees is not just an honor, it is an important mandate for the future. It is immensely important for each and every individual - and therefore for the university as a whole - to maintain and strengthen physical and psychological resilience. This Corporate Health Award makes it clear that the University of Stuttgart is doing everything it can to support its employees," says Chancellor Anna Steiger. "My heartfelt thanks and congratulations to everyone who contributed to this fourth award for occupational health management at the University of Stuttgart."

Pauline Vogel, Head of Corporate Health Management at the University of Stuttgart [de], adds: "We are proud of our healthy university and are particularly pleased to receive this award once again for our daily commitment to health." 

Wide range of health promotion initiatives

The Corporate Health Award is the most prestigious award in Germany for strategic corporate health management. The University of Stuttgart impressed the jury with its health promotion initiatives, targeted advisory services in the area of psychosocial health and its wide range of projects aimed at promoting the health of its employees. At the end of 2010, the foundations were laid for a comprehensive health management system based on appreciative communication, respect, and honest participation. The strategic guidelines “unigesund“ were developed to promote these basic values and to systematically derive and serve fields of action. The phrase "Health is a comprehensive ideal of the university" and is seen and practiced as a matter of course.

About the Corporate Health Award

The Corporate Health Award [de] honors outstanding achievements in integrated health promotion for the fifteenth time.  The award, initiated by the market research, analysis, and certification institute EUPD Research and the "Handelsblatt" trade journal in 2009, is presented annually to employers who demonstrate above-average commitment to the health of their employees and pursue a forward-looking, sustainable HR strategy. The special "Healthy University" prize for the development and establishment of sustainable company health management was awarded for the eleventh time this year by the Techniker health insurance provider.

Expert Contact:

Pauline Vogel and Marion Specht, University of Stuttgart, Corporate Health Management, Tel.: +49 711 685-81159, email

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