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Bachelor of Science 

Civil Engineering

Start of studies: winter semester
Standard Period of Study: 6 semesters
Teaching Language: German
[Photo: CC BY 3.0 pjt56 Killesbergturm 21.März 2010]

This study program is not offered in English. For further information please visit the German version of the study program.

Civil engineers build everything from homes to industrial buildings to convention centers and sports stadiums and much more. Tunnels and bridges built by civil engineers surmount natural barriers and transport systems link cities, regions, and entire continents. These are just a few of the full range of duties that civil engineers take on.  

During the first three semesters of the Bachelor’s study program, you will receive a basic education in higher mathematics, engineering mechanics, building physics, construction, materials science and construction management. This is followed in the remaining fourth through sixth semesters by a focus on teaching of basic technical knowledge in the areas of construction and design, ground engineering, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics and transportation science. In addition, you will choose subject-specific, subject-affine, and interdisciplinary modules.  

Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Engineering studies are based on mathematics and the natural sciences.


The quality of this degree program has been certified.


Florian Geiger

Florian Geiger

Studiengangsmanager Bau

Dipl.-Ing. Hartmut  Kuhnke

Dipl.-Ing. Hartmut Kuhnke

Central Study Manager

Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center

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