Financing your studies

Student financial support is available from both the Federal government and the University of Stuttgart. Below we describe their programs briefly and point you to the relevant sources for more detailed information.

International Students

Special regulations apply to international students. For further information please contact the International Office. In addition, be sure to check if you qualify for these support programs designated for international students only.


BAföG regulates governmental loan programs that support education of Germany’s youth. To find out the prevailing loan terms and conditions, what documentation you need to provide, and when you must repay the loans, please contact Stuttgart Student Services [de]. When transitioning from bachelor studies to a master’s program, be aware that special rules apply. For more information, please see our Master's transition page [de]. International students with a residence permit for studies (§16) are not eligible to apply for BAföG.

Stuttgart Student Services emergency loans

This program is designed to help students by extending interest-free loans when they find themselves in temporary financial difficulties. The maximum loan amount is 1,500 EUR, with repayment set contractually. For details, check the Student Services website.

Education loans

For more on this Federal loan program administered by the Federal Office of Administration [de] please refer to its website. The maximum monthly loan amounts to 300 EUR with terms of up to 24 months.