Preparatory German Course - Frequently Asked Questions

Find here answers to your questions:


1. Shortly after your admission by the Admissions Office, you will receive via C@mpus information about the preparatory German language course as well as the invitation to register for it. In order to do so, please transfer a down payment of 500 Euros to the university's bank account as mentioned in the invitation and within the deadline mentioned in the invitation and on this website.

As soon as your down payment has been credited to our bank account (this usually takes several days and up to a week), we will send you an email that confirms to you that you have been registered and invited to the placement test and that you therefore have got a place in the University's preparatory German language course.

2. Your registration is binding. However, if you de-register (by email) before the registration deadline stated on this website and in the invitation to the German course, we will refund your down payment minus a handling charge of 50 Euros.

If you de-register after the deadline has passed, we will refund your down payment minus the handling charge only if you are not responsible for your late de-registration (e.g. in case of illness or late issue of your visa).

In case you are responsible however, we will not refund your down payment after the registration deadline has passed.

3. Please inform us by email - if possible one week before the placement test - that you will not be able to come to Stuttgart for the placement test because you have not received your visa in time or because you are ill. We will inform you if and when we can offer you a second placement test that will allow you to join the course late.

4. If can show us that you are not responsible for the late issue of your visa, we will refund your down payment (minus a handling charge of 50 euros). Please prove to us (e.g. by sending us your email contact with the German embassy) that you applied for your visa in time and that your visa was issued too late for you to take the placement test.

5. You can still register for the course even if it has already filled up or/and if the registration deadline has passed. In this case however, we will inform you by email that there is no place available at the moment and that therefore we can put your name onto the waiting list.

In this case, you will have to wait until the course has started in order to see if a place is available. Places in the course may become available if other students who had already got a place in the course de-register later.

As long as you are on the waiting list, we cannot guarantee you that you will be able to join the course. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot confirm to you or the embassy that you have got a place in the university's preparatory German language course.

If you do not wish to be put onto the waiting list, please inform us by email: If you had registered before the registration deadline and if we then had to inform you that the course had already filled up, we will in this case refund your down payment in full without any handling charge.

6. No: You will not have to pay any tuition fees (Studiengebühren) during the German language course. You will have to pay course fees (Kursgebühren). The course fees depend on the level that you will start the course on (B1, B2 or C1) and how many levels you will have to pass to the TestDaF exam. Your level will be found out in the placement test. You will find the course fees of the different courses on the website of the preparatoy German language couse: Please click on courses offered on the website. You will have to pay these course fees at the beginning of the course.

When you enroll at Stuttgart University during the preparatory German language course, you will furthermore have to pay the semester fee (Semesterbeitrag).

You will not have to pay any tuition fees as long as you are in the preparatory German language course. Once you have passed the TestDaF exam at the end of the course and started your B.A. programme, you will have to pay a 1500 euro tuition fee if you come from a non-EU country. For M.A. programmes, there are different fees.

Please find here more information about the semester fee and the different tuition fees and how much they are currently.