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Information on service offerings the University of Stuttgart is committed to for ensuring family-compatible study conditions.
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Family-friendly University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart has been recognized several times over the years for being family-friendly. It is dedicated to the continued development of support offerings it currently provides for employees and students by way of family-friendly work and study environments. It is not only members of the University with family obligations who benefit from a university that is organized as family-friendly: we also win by attracting and retaining highly qualified employees, using our human resources more effectively, and reducing family-conditioned interruptions to studies. 

All University of Stuttgart members have a responsibility for implementing these goals and standards, but this applies especially to management. Our university leadership lends its active support to making career and studies compatible with family life.

As family, the University of Stuttgart understands all life partnerships which take on long-term social responsibility, including parents and children, life partners, siblings, grandparents, as well as relatives needing care.

Studies & family

Students with children or caring for relatives find tailor-made information on the website under the tab Studies & family [de]:

  • Paid maternity leave and flexible study options
  • Childcare
  • Financial help
  • Infrastructure and interchange

Students who are pregnant or nursing require special protection. Therefore, please find out among other things about the following:

  • Taking leave before and after the delivery
  • Taking time off for maternity leave
  • Health risks, such as with internships

Note: On January 1, 2017, an amendes maternity leave law will take effect. The Studies & Promotions Division [de] will announce in a timely manner what effects if any this will have on pregnant and nursing students.

More information

Students with children or relatives needing care have special needs. In order to accommodate these needs, extensive rules for flexibilizing studies are found in in the University of Stuttgart’s exam regulations and its admissions and enrollment statutes:

  • Special request for admission to the 1st regular semester
  • Taking time off for maternity leave, parenting leave, childcare, and caregiving
  • Exam withdrawal due to a child’s or caregiver’s illness
  • Deadline extensions for diagnostic exams and exam
  • Extension of time to complete theses (Bachelor’s/Master’s theses)
  • Extension to maximum time required to complete studies

More Information

Student childcare

Stuttgart Student Services [de] and Stups e.V. [de] provide full-time childcare slots in daycare centers they own in Stuttgart, Esslingen and Ludwigsburg with preference given  to students‘ children 6 months to 3 years old and from 3 years to 6 years old..
You can work directly with the facility to enroll your child. Should there be no open slots at that time, your child will be added to the facility’s waiting list. You will receive the final intake approval directly from the daycare center’s administrative staff.

Stuttgart Student Services Childcare Offers

The University of Stuttgart plans to operate its own daycare facility for children of employees and students on the Vaihingen campus. Based on a MINT concept, it will make available both day nursery and kindergarten slots.

In emergencies, the Uni & Family service offers employees and students of the University of Stuttgart care for children up to 12 years of age in daycare centers close to the downtown campus. The facilities are open Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 continuously; in exceptional cases, they are also available around the clock (24-hour child hotel).

More information [de]

The Uni & Family Service organizes the Stuttgart „research holidays” for children of students and employees at the University of Stuttgart together with the Konzept-e gGmbH, the five Fraunhofer institutes in Stuttgart and Hochschule der Medien. The research holidays are held for one week in the Easter, Pentecost and autumn holidays as well as for three weeks in the summer, making sure that your children’s creativity doesn’t go to waste over the school holidays and that they are challenged in a way which is exciting. It is open to children from six to twelve years old (including siblings from age four).

The university sports also puts on a holiday week in the summer holidays for the children of students and employees aged between 6 and 15.

For children from zero to six years old, we offer a childcare service during the school holidays in one of the institutions belonging to our long-term cooperation partner Himpelchen und Pimpelchen [de].

More information [de]

In addition to the above-described services exclusively for employees or students of the University of Stuttgart, there are other city, church, and private operators of nursery facilities in and around Stuttgart as well as full-time child daycare options. Similarly, outside emergency and vacation childcare facilities can be utilized instead of the University’s service offerings.

More information [de]

Students who become parents face many new challenges, including financial ones. Stuttgart Student Services Social Counseling [de] can provide advice on questions of financing studies as a parent. You can rely on us for advice on the following:

  • Parental maintenance allowance
  • Maternity leave pay and maternity allowance
  • Parenting allowance
  • Child support, supplementary child allowance
  • Maintenance advance
  • Assumption of daycare facility fees
  • Housing assistance
  • Unemployment compensation II and other benefits from job centers, social allowance, or public assistance
  • FamilyCard and BonusCard for Stuttgart Families
  • Student Services loans and study loans
  • Financial aid from foundations
  • Part-time work

Stuttgart Student Services Social Counseling [de] is also available to students with family members requiring care. For questions regarding the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG), please contact the Financial Aid Office in Stuttgart Student Services [de].

Family-friendly infrastructure

We think a family-friendly infrastructure at both our university locations matters: we therefore set up functional breastfeeding and diapering facilities in key locations and plan to make them standard in new and remodeled buildings.

Parent-child areas are being developed in two multifunction rooms in the House of Students and ARENA2036 on the Vaihingen campus and in work rooms in the two University Library locations. In addition, Stuttgart Student Services makes family apartments available to students with children.

The „FamiliesCAMPUS Stadtmitte“ and „FamiliesCAMPUS Vaihingen“ maps feature all family-related locations for our University: childcare, diapering facilities, playgrounds, and family service points.

Additional offers

The Uni & Family Service in the Gender Equality Office is the go-to resource for all staff members and students with questions on balancing career, studies, and family at the University of Stuttgart. The manager coordinates already existing compatibility measures and develops additional ones, and she advises and support the intra-University networks. In addition, she has project responsibility for the “audit family-friendly university” and represents University management in regional and superregional networks, especially in the Best Practice Club “Family in the University.”

The University of Stuttgart has appointed two interested employees to be care-coordinators and has financed their training costs. The care-coordinators are a first point of contact for employees and students who are nursing their relatives. They offer assistence, if for exemple, the need for care arises suddenly and unexpectedly. Furthermore, they support those affected in finding further options for counselling.

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At the University of Stuttgart, there are a number of services designed to support students with children. You are welcome to join our newsletter to get information and news concerning young family lifestyle (e.g. about child benefits, maternity leave) or events for studying parents (e.g. holiday childcare programs, networking events for studying parents).

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Hohenheim-Stuttgart Kids University

The Kids University is offered by the University to children between the ages of eight and twelve. Every semester, professors explain complex sets of facts relating to topics in their research fields in terms that children can understand.

Pupil Campus on Science Day

Once a year, on Science Day the University of Stuttgart opens its laboratories to let visitors explore the world of science and its insights. The day includes a Pupil Campus, a program of exploration geared to children and youth when not just besides observing and listening but doing hands-on experiments frequently is the order of the day.

Mensa: Kids eat for free

Students' children up to the age of ten can partake of meals free of charge in Stuttgart Student Services cafeterias.

Students with children are very welcome to join the regular meetings of our Studying & Family network. Here you can network with other students with children and swap experiences.

The meetings are organized by the Uni & Family Service and take place roughly once a month at the Vaihingen and Downtown campuses (Stadtmitte). All those taking part can contribute ideas, questions and suggestions and have their say in organizing future meetings. The dates of upcoming network meetings are announced on our News [de]. If you want to be kept informed by e-mail, please sign up for our Studying & Family mailing list.

In contrast to other networks, the network Uni & Care is not target group specific but designed for employees and students with nursing responsibilities or future nursing needs. During the meetings, especially general and university-specific information in regards to legal rights and flexibility programs in the nursing field as well as the need of help for family members without a level of care are discussed.

The network meets every last Tuesday of the month, alternating between the campus Vaihingen and Stadtmitte with around 10 members regularly attending and is guided by a care-coordinator and the managing director of the Service Uni & Family. Please subscribe to our internal mailing-list (write E-mail).

The virtual FamilyNETWORK entails a university-internal classified-ads service for employees and students of the University of Stuttgart. It was created in collaboration with the Service Uni & Family and the Technical Information and Communication Service (TIK) with the financial support of the collaborative research center Transregio 75 to further the exchange and mutual support between studying parents.


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