After the closing of regular admissions, study places that remain open are allocated by lottery. On this page, we explain how to participate in the lottery and what to watch out for.

Study places that remain open, or that open again after admissions close, are distributed by lottery. In study programs with entrance examinations, it only makes sense to enter the lottery if you already passed the entrance examination prior to doing so.

The lottery only applies to Bachelor’s study programs (BSc, BA und BA State Examination for Teachers) when applying for the 1st regular semester. There are no lotteries for Master’s study programs.

The application deadline for entering the lottery is Friday, September 30, 2016.


You need to know the following to participate in the lottery:

  • Send your application in by postcard using the ready-made postcard [de]. Mail it to the Admissions Office (P.O. Box 10 60 37, 70049 Stuttgart) ein. You may send the postcard in an envelope if you wish. 
  • The lottery application window closes on Friday, September 30, 2016.
  • We cannot accept email applications. Please note that bulk applications will not be allowed. You must submit a separate application for each study program. You may apply to different study programs, but, in that case, you must send in a separate application postcard for each.
  • Please indicate the study program that you want to apply for through the lottery on the postcard. You can see a list of study programs that participate in the lottery at the bottom of this web page.
  • To participate in the lottery, you must present evidence of having registered in C@MPUS. On the postcard, enter your applicant number, enrollment number or your applicant account email address to meet this requirement
  • Write the place and date on the postcard and do not forget to sign it!
  • Please be aware that you need a complete study program combination for a joint degree program. You must state which part of the program that you are applying for through the lottery. Also, identify the combination subject that you have already been admitted to unless it is a subject that has unrestricted entry. Make sure the combination of subjects is an authorized one.
  • You may also apply for a second restricted entry subject by sending in a separate post card application for it (e.g., 1st postcard for BA English as the major subject and a 2nd postcard for a BA in Economics as the minor subject. However, please note that both subjects have separate lotteries and that to be admitted your name must be drawn in both subjects. 
  • The lottery drawing takes place in public on Thursday, October 6 2016 at 9 am, in room M 2.00, (Stadtgarten temporary auditorium) on the ground floor of Breitscheitstraße 2a.
  • If you win a study place in the lottery, you will get a written admission letter and information on enrollment procedures. We do not send out rejection letters.
  • You will receive a written admission letter if you win a study place in the lottery.
  • If you did, next in C@MPUS make an application for enrollment based on the lottery and there upload your admission letter. If you need help with this, please consult the Guide to Enrollment for Lotteries [de].
  • The Admissions Office will then create an application in your name for the study program that you were admitted to via lottery and then it officially admits you. As soon as this happens, you will receive an email from C@MPUS. If you are ready to enroll, accept the admittance and then proceed to enroll when ready.
  • English, Bachelor of Arts (major subject)
  • Architecture, Bachelor of Science
  • Vocational education/Technical Education, Bachelor of Arts (major subject)
  • Data Science, Bachelor of Science
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, , Bachelor of Science
  • Renewable Energies, Bachelor of Science
  • Automotive and Engine Technology, Bachelor of Science
  • German, Bachelor of Arts (major subject)
  • Computer Science, Bachelor of Science
  • Linguistics, Bachelor of Arts
  • Aerospace Engineering, Bachelor of Science
  • Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science
  • Mechatronics, Bachelor of Science
  • Media Informatics, Bachelor of Science
  • Engineering Cybernetics, Bachelor of Science
  • Technology Management, Bachelor of Science
  • Transport Engineering, Bachelor of Science
  • Economics, Bachelor of Arts (minor subject)
  • Information Systems, Bachelor of Science
  • Management Science, Bachelor of Arts State Examination for Teachers

The lottery for winter semester 2016/17 took place on October 6, 2016. Study places were raffled off and admittances announced for the following study programs:

  • In B.A. English (major), all 18 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Architecture, all 51 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.A. Vocational Education/Technical Education (major) all 11 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Data Science, all 17 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, all 13 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Renewable Energies, all 21 applicants were admitted
  • In B.Sc. Automotive and Engine Technology, all 18 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.A. German (major), all 11 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Computer Science, all 20 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.A. Linguistics, all 14 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, 28 places were raffled off; 28 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, all 32 applicants were admitted
  • In B.Sc. Mechatronics, all 13 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Media Informatics 7 places were raffled off; 7 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Engineering Cybernetics, all 9 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Technology Management, all 26 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Transport Engineering, all 12 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.A. Economics (minor), all 6 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.Sc. Information Systems, 7 places were raffled off; 7 applicants were admitted.
  • In B.A.  Management Science State Examination for Teachers, 4 places were raffled off; 4 applicants were admitted.