Business start-up at the University of Stuttgart

From university to your own business

Do you wish to strike out on your own with an idea, a research finding, or a project? The University of Stuttgart fields a variety of support programs, consulting services and information resources for entrepreneurs – from course work to a mentored start-up program, from consulting appointments to obtaining office space.

Our highly industrialized state of Baden-Wuerttemberg holds great attraction for innovators and inventors. It counts among Europe’s most active economic regions, thanks in no small part to its robust startup scene. Startups based on applying advanced research are an important factor for sustaining this innovation power. The University of Stuttgart has as one of its goals building out this potential by supporting and promoting knowledge and technology transfer between economy, science, and society.

On the following web pages you will find additional details on the University’s services for startups and other offerings for anyone interested in starting a business or already running one.

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