Research areas, large apparatus, and contacts – find them here, quickly and easily

Look up research partners at the click of a mouse

If you or your firm are looking for research partners at the University of Stuttgart or want to use our research infrastructure, here is where you get answers to questions like these and more.

Who is doing research on what? Where do I find the equipment I need? The University of Stuttgart facilitates faster and more direct knowledge exchange between business and research by letting potential partners from industry access its website for institute profiles, research apparatus, and contacts. Both our Institute Knowhow Database and the Large Apparatus Inventory are accessible on it. Or, as a potential partner you can get in touch directly with our call center for human help in locating the solution partner in the University that is right for you.


Plaiting machine in the Insitute of Aircraft Design (c)
Plaiting machine in the Institute of Aircraft Design

Looking up research areas at the University

Under a sub-project of the EU’s EURIS (European Collaborative and Open Regional Innovation Strategies) program, the University of Stuttgart is developing a database featuring advanced search capabilities on research areas and knowhow focus. The ORP (Open Research Platform) is designed to be a tool for facilitating collaboration between business and research. With just a few mouse clicks, it will allow users to conduct keyword searches of activities carried out by the University of Stuttgart’s roughly 170 institutes and research facilities, particularly in the natural sciences and in engineering, and also to quickly locate a relevant contact person. The database is currently in the testing stage.

Looking up large apparatus at the University

In addition to the institute search, also at your fingertips will be a comprehensive inventory of large apparatus in use at the University of Stuttgart. It lets interested parties inside and outside the University research which facilities and machines are deployed in which fields and what their main features are.



Ralf Kaun

Head, Office of Technoloy Transfer


Tobias K. Artzt

Technology Transfer