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Patents and patent filings by the University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart possesses a high-value portfolio of approximately 1,000 patent filings and patents that run the gamut of different technologies spanning many industries.

Pump cavity for the disc laser developed by IFSW. (c)
Pump cavity for the disc laser developed by IFSW.

Be it chemical engineering, energy, materials processing, electronic instruments, optics, metrology, or engineering – the University of Stuttgart’s patent portfolio covers all bases and speaks volumes for its international reputation as a potent innovator. 

From its more than 1,000 patent filings and patents and income from licensed software and know-how, the University generates annual revenues in the seven figures. Some of the patent categories are especially interesting from a commercial standpoint and for their technological impact, with the laser technology portfolio and patents in the fields of material flow/logistics as well as biology being particular standouts in this regard.

A sampler of successful patents and patent filings:

Whether in medicine or DVD players, in production engineering, manufacturing of microchips or cars, hardly any area of daily life today now gets by without laser technology. Among significant recent developments in the technology is the disc laser, which was invented in the 1990s by a work group around Prof. em. Helmut Hügel and Dr. Adolf Giesen in the University’s Institute of Laser Technologies (ISFW) and which has undergone multiple optimizations and enhancements since then.

This new type of laser, revolutionary at the time, is based on a laser radiation source with a broad spectrum of properties. Since it is extremely effective as well as powerful, it is of key importance both for laser makers and users.  

A dual fork system developed in the University of Stuttgart's IfT moves loads as if by magic. (c) Eisenmann AG
A dual fork system developed in the University of Stuttgar's IfT moves loads as if by magic.

A driverless guided independent fork pallet conveyor system developed in the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics (IfT) and now marketed by Böblinger Eisenmann AG optimizes transport and warehouse logistics processes. A sophisticated propulsion and design concept lets independent forks weighing less than 100 kilograms drive under pallets and, using rotary motion, lift loads of up to one ton.

All drive components and the power supply are integrated into the two transport fork tines. Since they dispense with attachments and superstructures, they are extremely agile and space saving. The forks move without being physically connected, communicating with each other so they can work in synchrony. Uses range from materials transport through stocking storage areas to demanding warehouse order picking tasks.

Consulting service for University of Stuttgart inventors

Employees, guest scholars, as well as University of Stuttgart students interested in commercializing an invention can access our Technology Transfer consulting service in the Research Office. The Office is capable of providing advice in the preliminary stages, on the entire process from invention to intellectual property right, on basic marketing opportunities, contract drafting questions and more.

Startup support for entrepreneurs

The University encourages startups based on special know-how, proprietary software or patents held. Via TTI Technology Transfer Initiative GmbH [de] it delivers validated information, consulting appointments, financial advice and much more to help students and researchers strike out on their own.




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