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Welcome, Scientists!

Welcome Center for International Scholars

Here we provide you the information you as a scientist need to know to prepare for and complete a research stay at the University of Stuttgart.

Fair presence for researchers

A good place to start for information are the University of Stuttgart job fair booths.

One of the most prestigious job fairs for researchers in the engineering, social, and natural sciences is the European Career Fair (ECF) held at MIT in Boston. This is the largest European job fair in the USA, with roughly 100 European universities, research institutes, and firms participating. You will find the University of Stuttgart represented at the fair in the German cluster. Especially popular are the workshops put on by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the slogan “Research in Germany – Land of Ideas.” Over the past few years, the University of Stuttgart has participated actively by holding a roundtable on “Pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Germany.”

Messebesucher auf der ECF 2016.   (c) DAAD/Mark Wilson
Visitor of the ECF 2016.

Of particular interest for young scientists from the USA and Canada are the job fairs organized by GAIN German Academic International Network that are held alternately every year on the USA’s East and West Coasts. The fair offers you the chance to enter into conversations with leading representatives of German science, politics, and business and to make important contacts for furthering your professional  career in Germany. The University of Stuttgart is a regular, active participant in workshops and brings its consulting offerings to the network conference. Subjects discussed are not limited to professional aspects; other topics include more of our featured offerings, such as how we handle dual careers or reconcile job and family.

Welcome Center

As a guest scientist at the University of Stuttgart, you will be able to concentrate fully on your research without having to jump through a lot of bureaucratic hoops. Our Welcome Center assists you with all organizational questions. This central consulting resource is comprised of your designated contact person as well as a virtual platform and it includes seminars and excursions. Our service starts with planning your stay and taking care of the immigration formalities and continues with comprehensive support during your time at the University of Stuttgart until the day of your departure. Also part of our all-inclusive service package is staying in touch with research alumni so that you will continue to benefit for years to come from the networks you built in Germany.

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Raphaela Diel

Coordinator Cross Cultural Mentoring Program and Manager Welcome Center for International Scholars

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Maja Heidenreich

Project coordinator Cross Cultural Mentoring Program and Manager Welcome Center for International Scholars