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Interesting topics, fascinating photographs, renowned guest authors: The magazine forschung leben includes questions and problems from society and offers its readers information about possible solutions based on the vast range of research done at the University of Stuttgart.

Intelligent Systems

Issue January 2020

The new issue of ‘forschung leben’ focuses on the vision of “Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society”. What does the concept involve, what specific issues are being researched, what focus areas, areas of expertise and areas of development does the university have, and what does all this mean for science, business and society?

The articles for example shed light on how intelligent systems can make construction more resource-efficient and create space for a new aesthetic. They give information about promising ways of treating cancer patients, and show how international interdisciplinary networking leads to new therapeutic strategies.

Selected articles


Andrea Mayer-Grenu

Andrea Mayer-Grenu

Scientific Consultant, Research Publications

Hans-Herwig  Geyer

Hans-Herwig Geyer

Head of University Communications and Press Spokesperson

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