This picture shows Prof. Patrick Bernhagen

Prof. Patrick Bernhagen

Area of Research: Politics
Thematic Priority: Interest groups, lobbying, political participation

Field of Work

Professor Bernhagen is an expert on organized interests at the subnational, national, European and international levels of governance. His research is on lobbying and on the political and social activities of business corporations, with a particular focus on political representation and influence. Other research activities concern the causes and consequences of low turnout at elections and the extent to which the media and the state of the economy shape voter choices at the polls.

Personal Information

Patrick Bernhagen is Professor of Comparative Politics and Head of the Department of Political Science and Political Sociology at the Institute for Social Sciences. He holds a First Class degree in Political Science from Philipps University Marburg and a PhD in Political Science from Trinity College Dublin. Previous appointments include a Senior Lectureship in Politics at the University of Aberdeen and a Chair in Political Science at Zeppelin University. He was a visiting researcher at Duke University and at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), as well as a Visiting Professor at the Institut d’études politiques de Bordeaux.


Prof. Patrick Bernhagen
University of Stuttgart
Institute for Social Sciences (SOWI)
Tel. +49 711/ 685-83430

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