This picture shows Prof. Martina Baum

Prof. Martina Baum

Areas of Research: Architecture and Housing, Urban Development and Spatial Planning
Thematic Priority: Urban transformation and reconstruction processes, integrated urban development

Field of Work

Martina Baum’s research looks at the future functions of urbanized spaces in the context of the European city at the regional, national and international level. Areas of investigation range from urban development on a local scale to entire cities and regions. Her approach to urban planning is a broad, integrated perspective which takes into account aspects of space, function and design without neglecting the social, economic and ecological factors.

The following topics are the main focus of her research:

  • Urban transformation and reconstruction processes: Strategies for conversion spaces, dismantling the transportation infrastructure of the car-oriented city, and redensification strategies in existing urban developments
  • Process-oriented, strategic regional development: This includes future visions and strategic planning approaches for city regions as well as areas beyond conurbations, the dynamization of instruments of urban land-use planning, participation processes as well as mechanisms of urban development
  • Integrated urban development: In this field, Prof. Baum looks into the topics of new mixed uses, cities as productive centers, urban mobility in the future and the perception of cities

Personal Information

The architect and urban planner Martina Baum was born in 1977 and has been professor of urban planning and design at the University of Stuttgart since 2014. She studied at Bauhaus University Weimar and Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts, obtaining her doctorate at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT. She has been involved in research and teaching for many years, including a period spent at ETH Zurich. Her practical work for well-known bureaus in Germany and the Netherlands led to her establishing her own bureau STUDIO. URBANE STRATEGIEN. Her research is focused on the European city, with a particular interest in urban transformation and reconstruction processes as well as process-oriented, strategic regional development.


Prof. Martina Baum
University of Stuttgart
Urban Design Institute
Tel. +49 711/ 685-83350

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