This picture shows Prof. Dr. Nadja Schott

Prof. Dr. Nadja Schott

Area of Research: Sports Science and Kinesiology
Thematic Priority: Development, Learning, executive functions, lifespan

Field of Work

Her scientific work focuses on the underlying mechanisms of learning, control and developmental processes and the translation of these findings into cognitive-motor interventions. She focuses in particular on children and adults in old age, as this is where the most significant changes can be observed at the physical, psycho-social and cognitive levels.

The Department for Sports Psychology and Human Movement Science deals with central aspects of motor and cognitive performance over the life span. Our research activities focus on the underlying mechanisms of learning, control and development processes and the translation of these findings into cognitive-motor interventions.

Both basic and applied research is conducted in our laboratories, within which qualitative and quantitative research methods are applied. In addition, the aim of the research group is to develop new methods that allow the motor and cognitive performance of different groups of people to be measured as easily as possible, not only in the laboratory but also in the field.

The research findings are to be profitably applied in dealing with children, patients and adults in old age. For example, the motor and cognitive development of children is to be promoted, the re-learning of movements within patient groups facilitated or the risk of falls in senior citizens minimized.

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Personal Information

Motor skills and cognition, sport psychology and gerontology are the fields of expertise of Prof. Nadja Schott, since 2009 Professor for Psychology and Human Movement Science with a focus on cognition and motor skills at the Institute of Sports and Movement Science. Born in 1967, she studied sports science, sports medicine and law at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University Frankfurt and worked as a research assistant at the universities of Frankfurt, Karlsruhe and Gießen. Her doctorate in Karlsruhe was followed by stations in Gießen, Karlsruhe, Champaign/Urbana, USA and Liverpool, UK.

Prof. Schott is the author of numerous publications, including the volume "Motor Development" and " Empirical Studies in Sports Science, as well as numerous articles in the field of cognition and motor skills, especially in children and seniors.


Prof. Dr. Nadja Schott
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Sports Science (InSpo)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-63042

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