This picture shows Prof. Cosima Stubenrauch

Prof. Cosima Stubenrauch

Area of Research: Chemistry
Thematic Priority: liquid and solid foams; gels; emulsions; microemulsions; liquid crystals; template concepts; microfluidics

Field of Work

(1) Liquid foams are quite fascinating to adults and children alike, for example in the shape of soap bubbles or as foam on the surface of our bath water. But why are some foams stable over long periods of time while others burst very quickly? This question is not easy to answer, and therefore one of the research topics at the Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC) at the University of Stuttgart.

(2) Solid foams with tuneable pore sizes and pore openings can be formed via template concepts. The researches at the IPC generate monodisperse templates (emulsions or liquid foams) and solidify them so as to obtain monodisperse solid foams.

(3) Gelled complex fluids, just like, for example, the human cell, are soft materials which combine the structure of a complex fluid with the stability of a gel. Prof. Stubenrauch's group investigates (a) how gelled complex fluids come about, (b) whether or not the systems are „tuneable“ and (c) what kinds of potential applications they have.

Microscope image.

Personal Information

Prof. Cosima Stubenrauch was born in Speyer, Germany, in 1969. She holds a chair of „Physical Chemistry of Condensed Matter“ at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of Stuttgart University, Germany. From the very beginning of her doctoral studies in 1994 up to now she has been working in the field of colloids and interfaces. Moreover, since 2010 she has been „Docent“ at the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH: Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm, Sweden. Prof. Stubenrauch has been awarded a number of prestigious prizes, e. g. the „Nernst-Haber-Bodenstein Prize 2007“.


Prof. Cosima Stubenrauch
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC)
Tel.: + 49 711/ 685-64470

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