This picture shows Prof. Cordula Kropp

Prof. Cordula Kropp

Areas of Research: Politics, Sociology
Thematic Priority: Environmental Sociology, Science-Technology-Studies, Risk Studies, Sustainable Development, Energy Research and Social Science, citizen participation

Field of Work

Prof. Cordula Kropp's research focuses on infrastructure changes in society (e.g. energy system transformation, transport transformation, computerization of architecture), the participatory development of sustainable cities and regions (from urban gardening to smart cities) and on controversial perceptions of risk and technology as well as risk communication.

Within the Centre for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Research at the University of Stuttgart (ZIRIUS), Kropp is working on sociotechnical transformations for the energy and mobility turnaround with a focus on conceptual approaches to integrating technical, social and ecological requirements. A further focus is on innovative participation formats for citizens and stakeholders, which are developed and implemented in real-life laboratories, for example. 

Personal Information

Prof. Dr. Cordula Kropp (*1966) is a social scientist with a long-term focus in sustainability-oriented research on society-nature relations, innovations and sociotechnical change. She has successfully led numerous, inter- and transdisciplinary projects dealing with risks, climate change and sociotechnological transformation processes.


Prof. Cordula Kropp
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Social Sciences (SOWI)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-83941
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