This picture shows Prof.  Andrea Barth

Prof. Andrea Barth

Area of Research: Mathematics
Thematic Priority: Probability calculation in dynamic systems

Field of Work

The field of computational methods in uncertainty quantifications is involved with linking probability calculation (stochastics) to differential equations. Incorporating probabilities or estimation fields in differential equations enables calculations in dynamic systems where establishing all the relevant parameters is impossible or would take up too much computing time. Algorithms such as these are used for modeling and simulation purposes such as those at the focus of the Simulation Technology (SimTech) Cluster of Excellence at the University of Stuttgart. Fields of application including calculating interest, traffic flow and pricing on the electricity market.

Personal Information

Andrea Barth was born in Bonn-Bad Godesberg in 1980 and studied mathematics and computer science in Mannheim. After obtaining her doctorate in Norway with a dissertation on stochastic partial differential equations at the prestigious Center of Mathematics for Applications at the University Oslo, she researched and taught for four years at the Seminar for Applied Mathematics at ETH Zurich. Barth has been a junior professor of computational methods for uncertainty quantification at the University of Stuttgart’s Simulation Technology (SimTech) Cluster of Excellence  since December 2013, meanwhile she is a full professor.


Prof. Andrea Barth
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Applied Analysis and Numerical Simulation (IANS)
Tel.: +49 711/ 685-60121

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