Cooperations with the University of Stuttgart

Contract research, joint projects, graduate or PhD theses, licensing agreements, equipment transfer, and more: these are some of the ways for engaging in cooperations with the University of Stuttgart.

Technology transfer has a long tradition at the University of Stuttgart of amplifying the University’s mission in research, teaching, and continuing education. Explore with us this and various alternative ways of working together.

Find out here what types of collaboration the University of Stuttgart offers – from use of equipment, to awarding graduate and doctoral theses, to joint projects.

The University of Stuttgart's Intellectual Property- (IP-)Strategy governs the handling of intellectual property. IP strategy is therefore an important component in monetizing ideas, licensing, technology transfer and successful cooperation between industry and university.

Dr. Ralf Kaun is your contact for IP strategy, licensing, and technology transfer. For all other questions, please contact Sabine Cornils.


Sabine Cornils

Sabine Cornils

Relationship Manager


Ralf Kaun

Head of Department

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