Tunc Dural

Deputy head of Department / Financial support for third-party projects from federal/state government, IGF: Faculty 8 / Foundations: Faculties 1-5 + Central Facilities / EXIST: Faculties 1+2 / Fundamental questions / Coordination of applications for DGF Research Training Groups and Research Units
Division 1 – Research and Transfer
National Research Funding


Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24B
70174 Stuttgart
Room: 01.207


  • Financial support in applying and accounting for
    • Projects run by the federal/state governments, IGF projects faculty 8
    • Foundations faculties 1 - 5 and Central Facilities
    • Start-up program EXIST and Young Innovators faculties 1+2
    including evidence of use
  • Evidence of use coordinated programs DFG
  • Coordination of applications for DFG Research Training Groups and DFG Research Units
  • Providing advice on fundamental questions relating to
    • Foundations
    • Evidence of use
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