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Global Seed Fund for Postdocs

Call for applications from MITs for young academics at the University of Stuttgart
[Photo: Christopher Harting, courtesy of MIT Image Library]

The “Global Seed Fund” at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) enables ambitious young academics from the University of Stuttgart to apply for extra financial help for their research projects. The current call for applications encourages postdocs from all disciplines to apply for a Seed Fun of maximum $25.000, if students are involved in the research project.

This program makes it possible for successful applicants to work with research partners at MIT, to develop research projects and identify and utilize synergies. In 2015 the program was extended to 2020 and its aim is to encourage a closer relationship in research and teaching between the two universities.

The program is managed by the International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI) at the MIT, and by the International Office II/International Affairs at the University of Stuttgart. It is also possible to organize contact to potential/desired research partners at MIT via MISTI.


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