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Date: October 11, 2017, No. 90

The University of Stuttgart welcomes new students

Avete Academici 2017

To celebrate the start of lectures on Monday October 16, 2017, the University of Stuttgart would like to invite all new students and their families to Avete Academici, the university’s evening event for new students (academics are also welcome). Prof. Wolfram Ressel will welcome the approximately 1,200 guests. A welcome speech from Ines Aufrecht, representative of the state capitol city Stuttgart, will be followed by an appearance from student representative Fritz Otlinghaus, who will provide the new students with their first insight into uni life. Entertainment will be provided by the group “HelixSpässle – Impro Comedy” from the Department of Extracurricular Studies (Studium Generale) and the University of Stuttgart’s Big Band.

the university’s evening event for new students

This welcome evening will focus on giving new students the opportunity to get to know one another. They will also have the chance to meet professors, uni employees and students from higher semesters at the Markt der Möglichkeiten (Market of Opportunities) in the Liederhalle foyer, where over 40 university associations and student innovations will be on display – everything from the student newspaper, Uni-Film, and the University of Stuttgart’s racing team, to university sport institutions, the writing workshop and even the university radio station HORADS 88.6, not to mention the Alumni Network. Following this event, the student representatives “Stuvus” will also be inviting all new students to the first semester party “UNO” from 8:00pm (Vaihingen Campus, Pfaffenwaldring 47). 

Scholarships and prizes

As in previous years, exceptional students and postgraduates will also be presented with awards at the Avete event.

The 1,000 euro DAAD Award for Exceptional Foreign Students will be awarded to Maha Badri from Tunisia for her outstanding performance on the study program Aerospace engineering and her engagement in diverse social projects at the University of Stuttgart.

The 500 euro prize from the Anton and Klara Röser Foundation goes to Philipp Daferner, Jan Assenheimer and Florian Euchner. These three have the best study program results in the first two semesters of the Bachelor study program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

Carlin Gruber will be receiving the prize from the Eugen and Irmgard Hahn Foundation for Technical Design for her outstanding Master’s thesis titled “Nutzergerechte Gestaltung eines stationären Pulverstrahl-Geräts für die professionelle Zahnreinigung bildgebender Spiegelmodule im Fahrzeug-Ergonomieprüfstand”. 1,000 euros have been allocated for this award. Anja Schäpertöns will also be recognized for her exceptional Master’s thesis “Konzeption eines alternativen Mobilitätsansatzes mit unterschiedlichen Fahrgastmodulen und Antriebsmodulen”. 300 euros have been allocated for this award.

The Alumni organization of the Technical Cybernetics study program at the University of Stuttgart e. V. (Kyb-Alumni) will also be honoring Johannes Köhler for his excellent Master’s and Bachelor’s theses.

5,000 euros have been allocated for the sponsorship prize from the Friedrich and Elisabeth Boysen Foundation. Dr. Julia Sachs, formerly from the Institute for System Dynamics, will receive the prize for her dissertation “Model-based Optimization of Hybrid Energy Systems”.

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Date and time: October 16, 2017, 6:00pm
Location: Stuttgart, Culture and Congress Center Liederhalle, Berliner Platz 1-3

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