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Date: May 22, 2013, No. 33

Mathematics Large Quantum Systems

New DFG Research Training Group at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen

A new and joint Research Training Group is being established at the Faculties of Mathematics at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen from October 2013 to promote young researchers. The German Research Foundation (DFG) is making around 2.5 million Euros available to both universities for this purpose. The Research Group going under the heading of “Spectral Theory and Dynamics of Quantum Systems“ will benefit from the existing research associations in the field of quantum sciences and will further strengthen this focus at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen. The spokesperson is Prof. Marcel Griesemer from Institute of Analysis, Dynamics and Modelling at the University of Stuttgart; the Stuttgart mathematicians Prof. Timo Weidl and Prof. Guido Schneider are also involved. Involved from Tübingen’s side are Prof. Christian Hainzl and Prof. Stefan Teufel from the working area Mathematical Methods of Natural Sciences as well as Prof. Christian Lubich from Numerical Mathematics.

The applications of quantum mechanical laws are penetrating science and technology more than ever before. In this respect, for example, neither magnetic resonance imaging nor photovoltaic would exist without the knowledge of quantum physics. The underlying quantum mechanical laws are indeed known as mathematical equations, however to solve these generally is neither possible analytically nor numerically. The aim is therefore to develop approximation methods or, if such are already known, to understand their scope of application better. This is the task the DFG Research Training Group “Spectral Theory and Dynamics of Quantum Systems” has set itself. Through this mathematics will get new impetus on the one hand through difficult, currently unsolved mathematical problems from quantum physics, on the other hand better high quality insights will be made available to neighbouring sciences in future as a basis for their work.

Individual special fields complement each other perfectly
The involved scientists from Stuttgart and Tübingen are leading experts in mathematical quantum mechanics and in the mathematics of Schrödinger equations and have already been working for many years on questions that in terms of content form the basis of the new Research Training Group. The individual special areas complement each other perfectly: the expertise of the Stuttgart mathematicians in the fields of spectral and scattering theory, quantum field theory and non-linear partial differential equations is complemented from the Tübingen side by expertise in adiabatic perturbation theory, micro-local analysis, calculus of variations and numerical analysis.

The proximity of both universities will enable the participating scientists to combine their forces to become a leading centre of mathematical quantum mechanics. On the basis of the conceptual idea of the Research Training Group, cooperations will be initiated and inviting external specialists will be simplified. In this way the Research Training Group will be able to create a joint platform for a broad and thorough training of young researchers in the mathematics of multi-particle quantum systems. A total of 16 doctoral positions each for three years will be financed by the Research Training Group in the next four and a half years and continuously two post-doctoral positions, of which half will be attributed to Tübingen and the other half to Stuttgart.

Further information:
University of Stuttgart:

Prof. Marcel Griesemer, Institute of Analysis, Dynamics and Modelling, Tel. 0711/685-65757, Email: Marcel.Griesemer (at)
Dr. Hans-Herwig Geyer, University of Stuttgart, Department of University Communication, Tel. 0711/685-82555, Email: leitung.hkom (at)

University of Tübingen
Prof. Stefan Teufel, Faculty of Mathematics, Tel. 07071/29-74315, Email: Stefan.Teufel (at)
Janna Eberhardt, University of Tübingen, University Communication, Tel. 07071/29-77853, Email janna.eberhardt (at)

Photo: University of Stuttgart/Eppler
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