Date: December 12, 2013, No. 101

Federal President Gauck pays a visit to Stuttgart

Commemoration and Theodor-Heuss Commemoration Lecture 2013

The Federal President Joachim Gauck visited Stuttgart on 12th December 2013. On the occasion of the 50th date of the death of his first predecessor in office, Theodor Heuss, he visited the grave at the forest cemetery. Subsequently, he gave this year’s Theodor-Heuss commemoration lecture at the University of Stuttgart on the topic of “Venturing more civil society".

The visit thus honours exactly the day of the death of the first president of the Federal Republic, who died on 12th December 1963 in his residential house on Stuttgart’s Killesberg. From 1949-1959 Heuss laid the foundation for the new office of the Federal President, to which his successors still feel obliged today. In particular he established the publically effective speech as an important element of the presidency. The annual Theodor-Heuss commemoration lecture at the University of Stuttgart also follows in this tradition of public speaking, at which a famous person from science, culture or politics makes statements on social or politically relevant topics. The commemoration lecture is given by the foundation Federal President Theodor-Heuss-Haus together with the University of Stuttgart each year on the occasion of the date of the death of Heuss and traditionally takes place in the large auditorium of the university on the city centre campus.

Gauck met the university management, the board of the foundation and members of the Heuss family before the commemoration lecture for an exchange of views in the Rector’s office of the university. Over 900 guests from politics, science and the interested public registered for the subsequent lecture.

Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart: “Theodor Heuss was appointed by the Technical University of Stuttgart 1948 as the honorary professor for political sciences. His special affinity to our university is reflected by the fact that he made his historical library with over 3,000 volumes available to the historical seminar.“
Gabriele Müller-Trimbusch, chairman of the board of the foundation Federal President Theodor-Heuss-Haus: “We are delighted that the Federal President Gauck is giving the commemoration lecture this year. The visit is a worthy start for the festive and commemorative events for the Heuss year 2014.“

Further information:
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