Date: March 5, 2019, No. 17

Expertise of the University of Stuttgart for the International Architecture Exhibition 2027

University of Stuttgart Establishes Steering Group

On February 26, 2019, a steering group consisting of representatives of different faculties was established under the direction of Prof. Klaus Jan Philipp, IBA Appointee of the University of Stuttgart. The aim of the steering group is to integrate the university's technical and scientific competencies as well as existing research activities into the IBA process. Furthermore, the university's role as a co-owner of the IBA Company is to be shown and strengthened.

“In line with its vision 'Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society', the steering group sees itself as an expertise group coordinating various fields of science and communicating them to the IBA Company and to the urban society. It is also intended to drive forward the development of possible projects of the university itself,” said IBA Appointee Philipp after the inaugural meeting.

The steering group includes members of the Rectorate as well as members of the faculties of Architecture and Urban Planning, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Energy-, Process- and Bioengineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Management, Economics and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities. The scientists of the steering group are listed in the key themes of the international architecture exhibition: Building Culture of a New Modernism, Integrated Quarters, New Technologies for the Livable City Region, Region Is City and City Is Region.

It is planned to set up a platform that will be informing about the activities of the University of Stuttgart in the context of the IBA on an ongoing basis. In a first step, it is therefore necessary to gain an overview of all existing and planned IBA activities within the university. All members of the University of Stuttgart participating in the IBA '27 are requested to provide assistance and information about ongoing and planned activities. All activities of the university will then be coordinated within the framework of the IBA '27. For this purpose, a part-time position has been created, which is located at the Institute of Architectural History.

The university has a five percent share of the “IBA 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart GmbH”, alongside the Chamber of Architects (5%), the Stuttgart Economic Development Region (45%) and the City of Stuttgart (45%).

Prof. Klaus Jan Philipp, University of Stuttgart, Institute of Architectural History, phone: 0711 / 68583290; Mail

Lena Engelfried M.Sc., University of Stuttgart, Institute of Architectural History, phone: 0711 /68583290; Mail

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