Date: March 15, 2018, No. 27

2nd International Conference “Simulation Technology“ at the University of Stuttgart

Range of topics from Computational Engineering to dealing with simulations in politics

Around 200 simulation experts from all over the world are expected from 26th to 28th March for the “2nd International Conference on Simulation Technology“ (SimTech 2018) at the University of Stuttgart, Campus Vaihingen, Pfaffenwaldring 47. The conference filled with high-ranking speakers makes the  Stuttgart Excellence Cluster “Simulation Technology“ (SimTech) succeed for the second time after 2011 in creating an international platform in order to present advancements in the field of simulation science and to discuss current research projects.

Whether biosciences, medicine, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry or material research – scientific advancement can hardly be imagined for a large part of the research fields without computer simulations. They supplement theories and experiments in the laboratory, enable findings in fields that otherwise remain denied and in this way enable foresight. Simulation research is also a significant research focus of the University of Stuttgart. It manifests itself in the work of the Excellence Cluster SimTech, that pursues the goal of bringing together the most varied disciplines and paves the way of simulation technology from isolated methods and models up to an integrative system science.     

This interdisciplinary approach is also reflected by the 13 keynote speakers of the conference originating from the most varied scientific fields: for example, Michael Ortiz from the California Institute of Technology (USA), one of the most renowned representatives of the field of Computational Engineering/Mechanics, dedicates himself to the extremely promising topic of data-driven computing. Anders Ynnermann from Linköping University (Sweden) and winner of the gold medal from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademi) reports about his groundbreaking research in the fields of visualisation and physical simulation. Ortwin Renn, until 2016 holder of the chair Technical and Environmental Sociology at the University of Stuttgart and since then Scientific Director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (Potsdam), makes dealing with simulations in politics and science a subject of discussion. The long-standing SimTech researcher questions whether natural resp. social phenomena can be simulated and to what extent this contributes towards a better understanding of this phenomena. 

Along with keynote lectures there will also be various mini-symposia as well as poster sessions that cover the whole thematic range of the Excellence Cluster: from the simulation of multi-phase flows, porous media, mechanical structures and biological systems to numeric mathematics and high-performance  computing up to cyber infrastructures.

SimTech 2018

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