April 14, 2020

University Sports to offer online courses

From April 27, University Sports will be offering online courses. Registration opens on April 21.

University Sports will be unable to offer any standard courses until after May 31 and it has yet to be decided whether sport courses will be held as normal after June 1. Nevertheless, University Sports will be offering sport courses from the beginning of the semester onwards. A five-week online program will begin on April 27 and registration opens on April 21. The program will also be published on the University Sports web page April 20.

Dates for the online course program::

Online sport courses

Each day, University Sports will be offering three different sport courses. There will be at least one health-oriented course and one intensive sport course on offer daily. The courses will be held live, led by a University Sports course leader via an online meeting program. Participants just need a bit of space at home and a good internet connection.

Until then, the University Sports social media channel will be offering a daily workout or sport challenge. Further information about university sports and social media sport offerings can be found on the University Sports web page.

Campus Run will not take place

The University Sports has cancelled the TK Campus Run for this year.

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