Person with visual impairment tests the barrier-free app.

August 9, 2019

Sinn² project wins German mobility award

An app with barrier-free two-sense passenger information, developed with the involvement of the Institute of Railway and Transportation Engineering (IEV) at the University of Stuttgart, has convinced the jury.
[Picture: VWI Stuttgart GmbH]

Where is the nearest bus stop and how do I get there? When does the bus leave? Is the approaching S-Bahn the required line? For blind and visually impaired people, public transport is a challenge. A barrier-free infrastructure is often lacking and they depend on support from other people. At the same time, ensuring that people with disabilities can participate equally in social life and facilitating self-determined lifestyles is an important socio-political objective.

The project “Sinn² — The Barrier-Free Two-Sense Passenger Information” provides the basis for a nationwide, barrier-free passenger information with real-time capability. The app, developed as part of the project, takes into account the so-called two-sense principle, which addresses at least two of the three senses hearing, sight and touch. This app is especially important in rural areas, where public transport services are becoming increasingly flexible. If, for example, dial-a-bus services replace buses that run on a regular schedule, then the routines previously practiced by the disabled persons no longer work.

The app's relevance has been recognized

“The app is an important contribution to facilitating and simplifying the use of public transport for people with disabilities. We are delighted that the jury has recognized the relevance of the app and honored our project with the Mobility Award,” says Prof. Ullrich Martin, Director of the Institute of Railway and Transportation Engineering.

The IEV developed the Sinn² app together with the Institute of Transport Sciences Stuttgart, which has been linked to the University of Stuttgart since 1929 by a cooperation agreement, and the Institute for Applied Social Sciences at the Center for Cooperative Research at DHBW Stuttgart. The Ministry of Transport of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg supported the project as part of the funding priority “Sustainably mobile: Knowledge transfer from research to practice“.

The German Mobility Award

With the German Mobility Award, the initiative “Germany — Land of Ideas” and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure make intelligent mobility solutions and digital innovations publicly visible. The prize is awarded to projects and ideas that think in social and economic contexts, take advantage of the digital opportunities of our time and shape the mobile world of tomorrow. Deutsche Bahn and the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) are partners of the competition.


Expert contact:

Prof. Ullrich Martin, Director of the Institute of Railway and Transportation Engineering, +49 711 685-66367, e-mail.

Stefan Schmidhäuser, Institute of Railway and Transportation Engineering, +49 711 685-65780, e-mail.

The presentation in the app is barrier-free. VWI Stuttgart GmbH
The presentation in the app is barrier-free.
[Picture: VWI Stuttgart GmbH]


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