November 13, 2018

Panel discussion with Baden-Württemberg’s Premier Winfried Kretschmann

1918-2018. Searching for a culture of peace 100 years after the end of the First Word War

Panel discussion with the French philosopher Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Nancy (University of Strasbourg) and Baden-Württemberg’s Premier Winfried Kretschmann: 1918-2018. Searching for a culture of peace 100 years after the First World War.

The end of the First World War in the autumn of 1918, also brought an end to the unimaginable suffering and destruction seen across the world. Nevertheless, the end of the war in no way meant the beginning of peace. The idealization of the battles experienced, the total mobilization of all areas of life and the mechanization of death changed the very fundaments of society. This panel discussion will be exploring the question of what it would mean if we were able to overcome war and work on establishing a culture of peace. We wish to build bridges – not only between Germany and France, Strasbourg and Stuttgart, but also between philosophy and politics.
Presented by: Dr. Felix Heidenreich (IZKT)

Lecture series Frankreich-Schwerpunkt
This event was organized by the University of Stuttgart’s IZKT, with the Institut française, Hospitalhof and Literaturhaus Stuttgart


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