October 16, 2018

Wind power in an urban environment?

Fragen an die Wissenschaft

October 16, 2018 7:00 PM   until 8:30 PM  

Wind power in an urban environment? Urban development catastrophe, or an alternative to photovoltaic systems? – possibilities for scale-dynamic intelligent energy storage 
Prof. Dr. Bernd Plietker, Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Stuttgart

Wind turbines in an urban environment are currently not a viable alternative to photovoltaic and wind farms, neither in terms of urban development nor their static construction. But they might be, if it were possible to develop a concept that could use small wind turbines that are powered by “small” air currents. Such turbines might be integrated into the house walls with intelligent scale-dynamic energy storage systems and coupled with microflow reactors. The cooperative state graduate project "Windy Cities", introduced in this lecture, is developing exactly this kind of concept. Research groups at the University of Stuttgart, the HFT Stuttgart and the HS Esslingen are working together to make the turbulent wind flow on house facades or in city quarters visible, to test new small wind turbines and develop concepts for scale-dynamic energy storage systems.

This event is part of the lecture series “Fragen an die Wissenschaft” (Ask and Expert), organized by Volkshochschule Stuttgart in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart, the Stuttgarter Zeitung, the Staatlichen Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart and the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart. This lecture series looks at current research findings and presents them in an easily understandable form, using them as a basis for discussion.

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