January 23, 2020

Is dropped: "Show debate: Students versus professors"

Series: One uni – one book

January 23, 2020 7:00 PM   until 8:30 PM  

Due to illness the show debate on 23.1.20 unfortunately has to be cancelled! We ask to excuse this. An alternative date will be searched and announced as soon as possible.


Members of the University of Stuttgart are reading a book, for two whole semesters. And not just any book, but The Physicist by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. This book was carefully chosen because it suits the University of Stuttgart's vision, “Intelligent systems for a sustainable future”.

Together with the Debate Club Stuttgart, we will be holding a public debate, where students will face professors. The team of professors comprises Prof. André Bächtiger, Prof. Michael Resch and Prof. Daniela WInkler. The debate will be held in the style of the British parliament and the following question will be discussed: “Should scientific findings first be put into practice when ethical issues are clear?” The audience will decide the winner by their level of applause.

Universitätsbibliothek Stuttgart
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