July 17, 2017

Long Live the Republic! A German-French Dialogue About the 'res publica'

Lecture from the series “Les idées de la République – La République des idées“

July 17, 2017 6:00 PM  

Winfried Kretschmann MdL, Manuel Valls: Long Live the Republic! A German-French Dialogue about the 'res publica'

Cries of Vive la République! were heard in France on July 14. But what exactly does this mean? While the term ‘republicanism’ is used to refer to an entire system of values in France, in Germany it is predominately used to describe a system of government. But even in Germany, the rediscovery of the res publica – promoted for example by Hannah Arendt – is currently under the spotlight. Following the French national holiday, this is the perfect opportunity to consider the notion of what is a successful political community, in conversation with German-French experts. During times of social unease, the individualization of lifestyles and the threat of political discourses, it is worth debating how we as French and German citizens can come together to tackle future challenges, how we can encourage public welfare and what we can learn from each other throughout this process.

Panel discussion in German and French with translation.

Presenter: André Bächtiger 

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A collaborative lecture series from theUniversity of Stuttgart IZKT’s Frankreich-Schwerpunkts (Focus on France), and the Institut français Stuttgart. 

The event is sponsored by the Robert Bosch Foundation with funds from the DVA Foundation.

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