March 8, 2018

Jobs through the ages. New roles for women?

Dr. Rossana Lucchesi in conversation with Annamaria Maisto (Blogger; image), Dr. Santina Piraino (Astrophysicist) and engineer Valeria Franzitta (electrical engineer) for International Women’s Day

March 8, 2018 5:00 PM  

How have women developed professionally through the ages? An increasing number of women are working successfully in ‘new’ careers that were once part of the male domain. What encouraged them to choose such careers and what are their motivations? We are delighted to introduce three fascinating women who represent many other modern women. The evening will be rounded off with a friendly get-together.

An event by the Italian Cultural Institute Stuttgart, in collaboration with the Italian Center  

Further information: http://www.izkt.de

This event will be held in German and Italian.
Further information: http://www.izkt.de

University of Stuttgart
University Library
lecture hall
Holzgartenstr. 16
70174  Stuttgart