July 12, 2018

From transit space to a place to live. Sustainable city quarter development in the Hospitalviertel.

Knowledge transfer project | Presentation of findings

July 12, 2018 2:00 PM  

Knowledge transfer project | presentation of findings: from transit space to a place to live. Sustainable city quarter development in the Hospitalviertel. Energy – Mobility – Quality of life.

The IZKT has initiated a transfer of knowledge project, funded by the University of Stuttgart. This involves establishing a Stuttgart platform for the development of transdisciplinary projects that will create new impulses for interlocking scientific research at the University of Stuttgart with the state capitol city itself. Projects investigating science for the city in a city of science will be funded, presented to the public and made open for discussion.

The launch of this initiative will involve a pilot project for the development of a city quarter. The SQ project “From Transit Space to a Place to Live. Sustainable City Quarter Development in the Hospitalviertel. Energy – Mobility – Quality of Life” will investigate how quality of life for residents can be improved in a city quarter with specific social, urban development and infrastructural challenges. Strategies will be developed as part of this participative process, which will then be validated by a real experiment. For example, this will involve the development of exemplary conditions for transdisciplinary student projects which will then be compacted to form comprehensive guidelines. Based on these guidelines, an open, flexible “toolbox” will be developed that can be used for further projects, specifically the new teaching formats for the “Stattgart Change Labs”, which are currently under development.

The aim is to develop methods and formats that will intensify the inter-faculty cooperation between scientists, students and the wider population in the fields of research, teaching and the transfer of knowledge.

The initial findings will be presented to the public at a street party in this city quarter on the 12.07.2018.



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