February 21, 2017


A foray through the growing city of Stuttgart
An exhibition designed by students as part of a course led by Prof. Klaus Jan Philipp Exhibition Opening: February 20, 2017, 6pm | Stadtmitte University Library

February 21, 2017 until March 23, 2017

From 1830 to 1914 Stuttgart experienced a period of economic boom. The industrialization process resulted in an increase in prosperity and the population rapidly rose to over 100,000 people. This of course had a significant effect on the architectural appearance of the city. These changes to the inner city and the increasing prosperity of its inhabitants that took place between 1830 and 1914 became the focus of the ‘urbs opulenta’ exhibition.

One key aspect of this exhibition is the facade construction that took place along what was formerly known as Friedrichstraße, and the star-shaped Friedrichplatz. Kronenstraße and Alleenstraße lead away from this square and, via Goethestraße, to the second focus of the exhibition. This involves taking a closer look at residential buildings, particularly with regard to the city’s villas and associated types of residential housing.

University Library
Central Campus
70174  Stuttgart