February 14, 2020

Materials Testing Institute wins Community Award

Employees from the Materials Testing Institute (MPA) at the University of Stuttgart have been awarded the “ThinKing” audience prize by the Minister of Science Theresia Bauer for a particularly innovative lightweight construction solution.
[Photo: Lichtgut]

“It makes us very happy that we got the most online votes for our lightweight construction solution. Thank you to everybody who voted for us”, says Martin Werz. Werz is a researcher at the MPA, and along with his colleagues was presented with the award by Minister of Science Theresia Bauer.

Martin Werz (l), Science Minister Theresia Bauer, Head of MPA Prof. Stefan Weihe and Oliver Volz.

We are very proud of this award and the performance of the Joining Technology and Additive Manufacturing team led by Martin Werz

Prof. Stefan Weihe, Director of the Materials Testing Institute

They were given the award for their work in developing so-called friction stir welding. This makes it possible to weld aluminum and sheet steel together. The resulting components can be used for example in the construction of car bodies. This reduces the weight of the car by around 10 percent.

Source: YouTube

German Champion: Martin Werz

Martin Werz auf der Deutschen Science-Slam-Meisterschaft

Source: YouTube

Werz had already spoken about the principles of friction stir welding at the German Science Slam Championship in 2017, which he won [de].

About the ThinKing award
Leichtbau BW is a state agency for the promotion of business and science, and is the biggest network for lightweight construction in the world, representing 1,800 companies and 225 research institutions. It regularly awards the ThinKing award. In 2019, an expert jury selected the three best innovations in lightweight construction. It was also possible to vote for the winner of the Community Award online, which honors the best lightweight construction solution.

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