Deutschlandstipendium Award Ceremony 2019 – getting to know one another and presenting the certificates

Thanks to the commitment of more than 40 sponsors, around 200 dedicated and talented students were once again awarded the Deutschlandstipendium at the University of Stuttgart.
[Photo: Universität Stuttgart/Sebastian Berger]

The Deutschlandstipendium recipients will each receive 300 euros a month throughout the summer semester 2019 and winter semester 2019/20. At a ceremony held at the Haus der Wirtschaft on May 23, the students had the chance to meet the companies, foundations and private individuals who fund the scholarship. Like every year, the focus of the event was on presenting the certificates and getting to know one another.

Exemplary commitment and the importance of luck

In his greeting, Rector Ressel congratulated the students, and expressed his belief that each and every one of the recipients of the scholarship deserved it. He thanked the sponsors for their “exemplary commitment”, and ensured them that every scholarship “opened a door” and was “an investment in the future of these people and our global society”.

At the same time, he also reminded the guests of the inequalities which exist in the world. He said that there were many countries where children were being denied the chance to go to school because their parents couldn’t afford to pay the school fees or even pay for the uniform or the school bus. Having enjoyed a good education at school, and now being recognized and rewarded for the commitment and the performance as a student was also a question of luck, said Ressel.

Group photo of all Deutschlandstipendium recipients.
Group photo of all Deutschlandstipendium recipients.

An economy for the common good, responsibility and innovation

The companies and foundations funding the scholarships were also welcomed.
“There will be no donations from us” was not the right attitude, said Konrad Pfeilsticker, CEO of Novatec Consulting GmbH, who had words of encouragement for all (potential) donors. He said that the amount of funding budgeted for by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research was far from running out. Pfeilsticker made it clear that his company wasn’t just thinking of the possible economic benefits of funding a scholarship, but also considered the economy for the common good.

Stefan Wilhelm, Chairman of the Anton and Klara Röser Foundation, appealed to the students to recognize that they also “had clever parents who set you on the right path.” He linked this with an emphasis on personal responsibility: “But now it’s up to you to lead the way.”

The Deutschlandstipendium made it possible for the scholarship holders “to concentrate fully on their university studies”, emphasized Jürgen Hettich, CEO of Thales Alenia Space Deutschland GmbH. He was convinced that supporting young academics was worth it, because it “strengthens the innovative strength of Baden-Württemberg and of Germany.”

Motivation to keep on fighting and gratitude for being appreciated

Sini Münßinger, a student of Technical Biology, stressed how much easier the scholarship has made things for her when it comes to “the balancing act between her family, her own children and being a full-time student". She said the support was a “motivation to keep on fighting even when things seem difficult.”

Mechatronics student Andreas Kernbach was happy knowing that “there are other people out there who appreciate the work we do.” He also felt lucky to have been part of the one percent of students across the country to be granted the Deutschlandstipendium. “How many other students would love to be sitting here now and would have deserved it as well?”

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This image shows Ulrich Eggert

Ulrich Eggert


Commissioner for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses
Employer’s Representative for Persons with Disabilities

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