Day of Teaching and Learning: What defines an attractive campus?

April 29, 2024

The Day of Teaching and Learning is held annually and took place on-campus for the first time this year. It served as the backdrop for the presentation of the teaching awards while also providing ample opportunities for networking and exchange.

The Day of Teaching and Learning was held on campus for the first time on April 10, 2024. The Vice Rectorate for Teaching and Continuing Education and the Student Council of the University of Stuttgart (STUVUS), curated a diverse array of lectures and workshops centered around the theme "Learning and Teaching on an Attractive Campus!" These sessions provided ample opportunities for exchange and inspiration. A total of fourteen workshops and lectures were held, and over 30 exhibitors introduced themselves at the Market of Opportunities. Throughout the day, more than 500 lecturers and students explored information about extracurricular activities on campus, ongoing projects in study programs and teaching, and interdisciplinary opportunities. 

Recognizing extraordinary commitment

The University of Stuttgart Teaching Prize has been awarded since 2015 for outstanding achievements and extraordinary commitment to teaching. With this award, our university recognizes extraordinary commitment in the area of study and teaching and underlines the essential importance of teaching at the University of Stuttgart. The prize money amounts to 10,000 euros and is to be used for measures that serve to improve teaching. Since 2019, our student body (stuvus) has also been granting special awards to lecturers selected from the nominees. 

Prof. Gießelmann, award winner Prof. Joachim Groß and laudator Frederic Bender
Prof. Gießelmann, award winner Dr. Stephanie Seidl and laudator Kosum Alija

Teaching awards for Prof. Joachim Groß and Dr. Stephanie Seidl

Prof. Joachim Groß was awarded the Teaching Prize 2022. His exceptional teaching endeavors and dedicated commitment not only influenced the teaching approach at the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics and Thermal Process Engineering (ITT) but also made a mark on the mechanical engineering study programs. In this way, he made a valuable contribution to the training of STEM specialists at the University of Stuttgart. 

Dr. Stephanie Seidl was nominated and selected for the 2023 award. The students lauded her remarkably diverse teaching style and her strong motivation to support them all equally. In his laudatory speech, student Kosum Alija from the German Studies department spoke about the individual and extensive feedback that Seidl provides to students. These are perceived by the students as motivating and exemplary. 

Prof. Gießelmann, stuvus-chairperson Anna Dannecker, award winner Heike Maier and laudator Dr. Marco Spurk
Prof. Gießelmann, Anna Dannecker (stuvus-chairperson), award winner Ulrich Schneider and laudator Prof. Gert Denninger

Special teaching award for Prof. Heike Maier and Ulrich Schneider

Professor Heike Maier contributes to teacher training in chemistry and was honored with the Special Award from the Student Council in 2022 for her exceptional dedication to this cause. This is in recognition of her exemplary combination of specialist knowledge and practical experience in the didactic training of student teachers in chemistry. The laudatory speech was delivered by Dr. Marco Spurk, Managing Director of Fehling-Lab (school student lab) at the Faculty of Chemistry.

Ulrich Schneider was awarded the Special Award by the Student Council in 2023 for his exceptional dedication to supporting lectures. This recognition acknowledges his efforts and achievements in enhancing and preparing demonstration experiments for experimental physics lectures in a pedagogically meaningful manner. The laudatory speech was delivered by Prof. Gert Denninger.  

Prof. Gießelmann, award winner Skander Kamoun, laudator Prof. Ewald Krämer (IAG)

DAAD prize for Skander Kamoun

Foreign students enrich not only the research but also the culture of a university. In recognition of this, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides funds to award an annual prize to outstanding foreign students.

This year, the International Office selected Skander Kamoun. The prizewinner from Tunisia has been doing his doctorate and research as a research assistant at the Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics (IAG) in the Aircraft Aerodynamics group since September 2023. In addition to his professional qualifications, he received the award primarily because of his strong social commitment. He was involved in intercultural exchange between students at AIESEC and was a member of the Tunisian group of the on-line network IVAO. The laudatory speech was given by Prof. Ewald Krämer, Director of the Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics.

Shaping teaching and learning culture together

The exchange between lecturers, staff and students is vitally important for an attractive campus experience and a positive learning environment. Interest in exchange and networking remains high since the pandemic. This year's Day of Teaching and Learning once again provided an opportunity to share feedback, explore established practices, and discover new initiatives. The Market of Opportunities was used to exchange ideas and present a wide range of offers. "We aim to make this format a permanent fixture in future Days of Teaching and Learning," summarizes Prof. Frank Gießelmann, Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing Education.

It is important to continue to respond to the needs of students and encourage their participation in decision-making processes. Regular feedback mechanisms and open communication channels enable us to identify and implement improvements, enhancing the attractiveness of campus life.

Impressions from the Market of Opportunities

This image shows Frank Gießelmann

Frank Gießelmann

Prof. Dr.

Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing Education

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Nana Moutafidou-Heining


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