ZIRIUS blog launched: communicating science in post-normal times

April 4, 2023

The Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies (ZIRIUS) presents insights into its research activities in their new blog and invites you to join the discussion.

The communication of science has become firmly established at universities as an important, partly creative, and always additional task for researchers. It is already an indispensable part of participatory and transdisciplinary research wherever democratic discussion of technological developments, innovation processes, and risk issues are involved, which is very much the case at ZIRIUS.

A new blog post will be uploaded every month

Starting in April, a blog post providing insights into the research currently being carried out at ZIRIUS will be uploaded on the first Monday of every month. The first blog post is about a presentation on climate change by Dr. Michael Ruddat, a Research Associate at ZIRIUS. In a 20-minute video, he talks about how people in Germany perceive climate change and which approaches might be taken to promote climate-friendly or environmentally friendly behaviors.

First ZIRIUS Blog Post

Researchers at ZIRIUS would like to use the new blog to provide insights into ongoing research and to ensure transparency with regard to methodological approaches and unresolved questions in the context public communications in the fast-paced media environment. Discussions about recent research findings and their interpretation will be the main focus.

In this way, the researchers aim to facilitate debates early on and invite you to share your own opinions, ask questions, join in the discussions, and make research a matter of public participation. Please write to Kathrin Braun, Academic Assistant at the University of Stuttgart’s Institute for Social Sciences.

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