October 8, 2019, Nr. 89

University of Stuttgart again receives certificate for quality management in teaching and learning

Renowned Swiss agency decides to renew system accreditation for study programs

After the initial accreditation in 2012, the University of Stuttgart was reaccredited without conditions by the accreditation commission of the internationally renowned “Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance” (AAQ) in September 2019. This reconfirms that the University of Stuttgart has the adequate instruments and procedures to systematically maintain and develop the quality of its study programs in accordance with national and international standards. The University of Stuttgart is the first reaccredited university within the network of Germany's leading technical universities (TU 9), and the first in Baden-Württemberg.

Rather than evaluating individual study programs (program accreditation), the system accreditation procedure appraises the entire quality management in the field of teaching and learning at a university. The experts note in their report that a “very effective system of quality assurance” has been established at the University of Stuttgart and that all the instruments required for quality assurance are convincingly designed and coordinated. In particular, the high level of commitment of all parties involved means that the system is alive and lived by everyone. The experts consistently had the impression that “all groups are really involved with heart and soul and are completely behind the system”.

Prof. Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart, thanked all lecturers and all the responsible supporting staff in the university administration and central units for their years of commitment to quality development. He was very pleased that the Commission was particularly enthusiastic about the demeanor and commitment of the students. Ressel emphasized: “We will continue to push ahead with the central issue of quality management in all areas. The Stuttgart evaluation model (SEM) developed at our university is exemplary for quality assurance and development in all core processes at the university.“

The reaccreditation inspections took place in February and April this year. The renewal of the system accreditation will be valid until 30 September 2027.

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